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* Make sure you enter your email address correctly. When you book a room, you will receive an important email with a waiver form link that is unique to your booking. Make sure to forward it to all members of your group so that everyone can complete the online waiver before coming to your booking. If you don't see the email in your Inbox, please check your Spam or Junk Mail folder. *

Ultimate Game Room
Tuesday, May 25, 2021
5:45 PM
Minimum: 4 players
Maximum: 5 players (temporary)
Recommended: 4 to 5 players
$25 per person for groups of 4+

$25 Deposit: A credit card is required to book a room online, as there is a $25 deposit. The deposit will be applied towards your admission fee when you arrive on the day of the event. If you prefer to use a different method of payment when you arrive, we will return the deposit to your credit card. Other members of your group will pay when they arrive.

Gift Code: If you have a gift certificate, a coupon, or any Gift Code or other promotion, please make sure it is valid for your booking (correct day of the week, not expired), and bring it with you so that we can redeem it when you get here.

Cancellation Policy: To cancel your booking, call us at 204-231-4903. When cancelling a booking at least one day in advance, the deposit will be automatically refunded. For same-day cancellations, the deposit will only be refunded if someone else books the same room and time, otherwise the deposit will be lost. Same-day rescheduling of a booking to another day will be treated the same as a cancellation and new booking. Not showing up to a booking on time will result in a loss of the deposit.

Your booking will be auto-canceled if you don't complete the payment in 15 minutes.